Remote Support

Eliant Technologies offers instant, remote support to all of its clients. We can securely connect to your PC or Mac and diagnose and fix most non-hardware issues very quickly.

Instant Technician Connection

Splashtop SOS is a very small download that allows Eliant Technologies technician to connect to your computer for a single session with no remaining installed programs. 

Click here or on the image to the right to start the install.

Remote Support Software

Splashtop Streamer is Eliant Technologies’ remote support software of choice due to its speed, reliability, security, and ease of use. It is an installed program that allows us remote access to a user’s PC at any time.

Click here or on the image on the right to install Splashtop Streamer.

We can also create a user and walk you through how to use Splashtop on your own, allowing you remote access to your work or home PCs from anywhere.