Microsoft 365 Hosted Solutions

More and more companies are retiring their servers and moving their data to the cloud. It’s a safer, promotes business continuity and makes it easier for remote employees to access the company information that they need to do their jobs.  Eliant Technologies excels at making this transition easy and simple for your business and your employees by:

  • Establishing a Microsoft 365 account
  • Moving existing email and data to the new account
  • Removing existing users from the domain (if applicable)
  • Setting up OneDrive and SharePoint hierarchical permission-based folders
  • Updating each employee’s Outlook and related Office applications
  • Helping them syncing their updated Outlook email to their phone or tablet

Still want to keep your server but just move your email to the cloud?  No problem.  We can do that too and maintain your server until you’re ready to retire it.

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