About Eliant Technologies

Eliant Technologies was started in 2003 by President and Owner Ed Tankus after spending over 20 years at 3M. We have provided products and 24/7/365 support to:

  • Agway
  • Borough496
  • Greater New Haven (GNHCC) and Quinnipiac Chambers of Commerce
  • Toyota of Wallingford
  • Yale University

and many other small to medium size businesses.

Eliant Technologies has been a member of the Greater New Haven Chamber since 2011 and our president and owner, Ed Tankus, is a past chair of the GNHCC’s Technology Council. Since 2015 the company has been A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau

Eliant Technologies is a Comcast Business Partner and ad-hoc adviser and consultant on many Comcast projects in Connecticut. We install and manage UniFi cloud networks and you can purchase servers, PCs, laptops and tablets from Eliant Technologies that are not just generic but are built or sourced to fit your business needs.

Eliant Technologies can create a Shopify or WooCommerce website, upgrade your existing WordPress website or create something new and fresh that’s appropriate to your brand and then we can add an SEO program that includes Google AdWords and Social Media Marketing so that you can realize the kind of search engine results the big guys see.

Since 2003, Eliant Technologies has been making business’ visions real. We can make yours real too!


If you have any query about us and our services, then fell free to contact with us

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